Case study: Data What?!

Data What poster


Identify types of data that could support local residents during the regener- ation process of their neighbourhood in Brixton (London, UK)


Workshop, probes, observations, qualitative analysis


During a creative workshop, we introduced a group of residents and em- ployees from the local council to a variety of projects on community data from across the world. We then provided them with several custom tablet applications that allowed them to explore environmental data from their own neighbourhood. Using theme cards, they were encouraged to think about types of data they would find useful. Afterwards, each participant was given a take-home booklet, which was designed to act as a probe to encourage people to think about different types of hyper-local data over a period of two weeks after the workshop.


This project was carried out in collaboration with Dr Christian Jetter, Dr Clare Melhuish, Han Pham, and Pedro Monteiro, and was funded by ICRI Cities and a UCL Beacon Bursary.