Case study: VoxBox

People interacting with the VoxBox

VoxBox visualisations


Investigate if and how a dedicated opinion gathering device can elicit feed- back about events in a playful and organic manner


Sketching, prototyping, observations, video analysis, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis


Collecting feedback from attendees of events is typically a cumbersome affair, involving paper or online surveys and a significant amount of manual labour to convince people to take part. The VoxBox was designed to instead organically attract people, and transforming the process of providing feed- back into an enjoyable activity. Furthermore, the device enabled to view the answers provided by other attendees. The VoxBox was deployed at a series of events, and used by hundreds of people, to study how people used the installation, and what types of data it managed to collect.


This project was carried out in collaboration with Dr Connie Golsteijn, Dr Sarah Gallacher, Dr Lorna Wall, Sami Andberg, Professor Yvonne Rogers, and Professor Licia Capra, and was funded by ICRI Cities.

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