Seeing interview structures

Colourful triangles depicting how proportionally time was spent during a research interview

Giving people advice on how to do interviews (the research kind, not the hiring kind) is hard. It’s hard for the obvious reasons: there are quite a lot of aspects to consider – from body language to question types. But I think it’s also hard because interviews can be highly structured while feeling very fluid. […]

A more qualitative look at analytics data

Analytics data is typically used to better understand behaviour at scale: where do users go first? Where do they go next? Which pages do they spend most time on? Where do they get stuck? These questions are usually answered by looking at the aggregate data of many users. Looking across many users helps spot patterns. […]

A tiny data story

20 taupe and 20 black/white pattern fabric swatches

The value of data increases with size: the more data you have, the more your dataset is worth. But, personally, I’ve always been fascinated with tiny data – the stuff that is perhaps more collection than dataset, more anecdote than evidence. Last year I stumbled upon some tiny data. On my late grandmother’s desk, right […]